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APULU is a luxury brand founded by Ricardo in 2022, with a mission to create luxury streetwear.
Ricardo grew up during the 90s in Brooklyn, where he studied hip-hop culture and art history. After graduating from FAMU, he moved to Atlanta to pursue his creative vision. In 2022, Ricardo founded APULU, named after the Olympian, "APOLLO", God of music and art and the protection of youth to name a few.
APULU combines American iconography with nostalgic references, a visual commentary on hip-hop style and culture itself. It balances luxury techniques with streetwear elements and showcases its ready-to-wear collections. The brand reflects modern socioeconomics and personal stories and Ricardo has stated that these two elements played a major role in his upbringing.
With no formal training specific to fashion design, Ricardo credits his understanding of garments and construction to growing up with his mother, a tailor—providing him with a foundation and understanding of how to build each piece and the subsequent stories told with each collection.